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Our New Site...

Thanks for visiting us!

Here's a little information about us. Our name's are Ryan & Karri and we bought our little homestead in 2018. Nestled in a hollow between Mt. St. Helens and Mt Rainier volcanos and enchanted with a forest of alder trees. It took us a couple of years to get things going, some ups some downs, but we think we're right on track to build something amazing.

What we've built up to this point:

- Chicken / Turkey coop and enclosure

- Blacksmith shop with working coal powered forge

- Leather working shop with hand powered sewing machines

- Woodworking shop

- Archery shop for arrow building, maintenance and feathersmithing hand cut and hand dyed feathers...check em out at

- Very small orchid nursery for raising baby orchids...check them out at

Stay tuned to see what things we build in 2021!

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